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Friday, January 27, 2006

If your CD doesn't Work . . . .

. . . . Volume 25 that is . . . .
send me an email and I'll send you a new one. I bought some cheap cd's and I noticed that a few of the discs aren't playing all of the way through. Tell me asap, sorry about that.
At least you have some of Brian's music to keep you busy.


It's in the hands of the postman!

I mailed out the January cd today, Friday afternoon. I would expect it to be at your place by Tuesday. Below is a little preview of the tracks and the cover art. Hope you enjoy. Brian Hagen included a disc that I sent along with mine. It should cover that hole we had in December.
If you are having any trouble posting on the blog, etc., let me know and I'll try to help you out.


DJ Voume 25

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Hayes Trotter

3.the delicate place
4.nourishment nation horse town
6.decatur,or,round of applause for your stepmother!
8.summer skin
9.the power is on
10.they are night zombies!! they are our neighbors!!
they have come back from the dead!!! ahhhh!!!
11.friendship update
12.come in number 21
15.windsurfing nation
16.yr city's a sucker

DJ Volume 24

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Brian Hagen big holidayblack and white town
2.10am automatic
3.fighting for my love
4.huddle formation
5.sweet summer night . . .
6.the sound of settling
7.can't exist this house on ice ex-love is dead
10.shot in the arm
12.revolutionary kind
13.naked as we came
14.fistful of love
16.tiny cities made of ashes
17.the acrobat

Saturday, January 21, 2006


why does "once around the block" appear on two disks? It came on the november disk (i think) year one, and june this year? is there a conspiracy out there?

Thursday, January 05, 2006

DJ Volume 23

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DJ Volume 22

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1.get him back * fiona apple
2.fats * dispatch
3.freetime * kenna
4.let me see * morcheeba
5.get myself arrested * gomez
6.we're all in love * black rebel motorcycle club
7.riddle * dispatch nation army * the white stripes
9.better version of me * fiona apple man * denna
11.revolutionary kind * gomez
12.criminal * fiona apple
13.keepsake * state radio soul choir * 16 horsepower
15.human behavior * bjork
16.mand fading * kenna
17.all these things i've done * the killers
18.musicology * prince
19.her majesty * the beatles