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Friday, July 22, 2005

DJ Volume 16

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1. Trotter
2. 1-2-3-4 * Coolio
3. Burned Hollywood Burned * Zach De La Rocha
4. Cato
5. Neighborhood #3 * The Arcade Fire
6. Red
7. Freakin' Out * Graham Coxon
8. Sleep Talk
9. Wooden Indian * John Denver
10. Drives Me Crazy * Mano Negra
11. Anything * Styrofoam
12. We Will Become Silhouettes * The Postal Service
13. Trotter
14. Empty Chair * The Girl and I
15. Homesick * Kings of Convenience
16. Frankie and Albert * Jack Johnson
17. The Box * John Denver
18. Music for a Found Harmonium * Patrick Stree
19. Daddies * Pedro Marinez
20. El Cantro De Tula * Eliades Ochoa
21. Down * Pearl Jam
22. We Want it All * Zach De La Rocha
23. Trotter

DJ Volume 17

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Caps Man

1. Delicate * Damien Rice
2. Come a long way * Michelle Shocked
3. ?
4. Calypso * Robert Randolph
5. I'm 18 * Clyde J. Cooper
6. Batman * Bob Schnieder
7. Summer Dress * Mason Jennings
8. Song For You * Alexi Murdoch
9. Cannonball * Damien Rice
10. Eternal Life * Jeff Buckley
11. I Zimbra * Talking Heads
12. On the Greener Side
13. I Idolize You * Tina Turna
14. We Don't Run * Willie Nelson
15. Adrian * Mason Jennings
16. Ripple * The Dead
17. A new Africa * Steve Kimock Band


yo i will switch with you, but i don't think i can do it by august 1st. definitely august 15. hayes is that cool? also i see a few probations that haven't even logged into the site. can we think about switching out for my bro, benjamin. he would love to take a month and has way cooler musical taste than i do. something to ponder....

Thursday, July 21, 2005

a rival cd club

check out the new link for the "afterburners" Dave Woodall, one of the members, gave me the idea for discjunkies, and this is what they've been doing. Pretty insane site with tons of stuff to check out. Look at if you have some time. He's another "afterburner" who writes his own music reviews and has a ton of links and free downloads on his page.

so long,


Wednesday, July 20, 2005

ferrell won't you switch with me?

I have a trick up my sleeve but I can't reveal it until this fall. Would you be willing to take August?
Much thanks,

My first look at the DJs blog....

Pretty nifty, Trotter. I like it. Just gotta get the rest of the DJs posting to it.

Just finished listening to the latest disc (complements of Chicago Brian Hagen) all the way through. First impression was good. Listens easy and the cover art is catchy. Good stuff...need to give it some more play time before I can really comment though.

Surprised to be catching flack about putting some Tina Turner on my latest disc. How can you go wrong with one of the greatest female voices of all time belting out a searing cry for her man? That song also plays a prominent role in one of the greatest sports movies of all time as well. I bet Neuburger knows the reference. Anyway, that comment is especially painful coming from someone who devoted two tracks of his latest disc to the musical genius of John Denver. A question to da-buffalo....where exactly is the land of hush-a-by anyway?

Caps Man

DJ Volume 18

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From DJ "Tragically Delicious"

1. Mocean Worker* Right Now
2. Beck* Girl
3. Soul Coughing* Disseminated
4. LCD Soundsystem* Give It Up
5. Modest Mouse* The View
6. The Zutons* Pressure Point
7. LCD Soundsystem* Daft Punk is Playing in My House
8. Spanish Interlude*
9. Beck* Hell Yes
10. Kings of Leon* The Bucket
11. Blue Merle* Burning in the Sun
12. Ray LaMontagne* Killing Man
13. Badly Drawn Boy* Once Around the Block
14. Snow Patrol* Spitting Game
15. Joseph Arthur* Puppets
16. Elliot Smith* Wouldn't Mama Be Proud
17. The Arcade Fire* Rebellion
18. Kings of Convenience* I Don't Know What I Can Save You From
19. The Album Leaf* The MP

Monday, July 11, 2005


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update your profile

fellow DJ's. If you could take the time to update your profile I think it will help with any address problems. That's really the most important element of the profile. Use them to get the most current address of everyone on the list. Check out mine if you have any questions. That way I don't have to send out an email with everything on it each month . . . and it will be your job to keep it current. Thanks for all of the input and glad to see you on the site.


Sunday, July 10, 2005

my cd player is empty

i go to my mailbox everyday looking for some new tunes. back in may i found a disk with some tina turner and alice cooper on it. those selections really broadened my horizons.

gotta go check my mailbox...

Friday, July 08, 2005

Let the Blogs begin

Hopefully this will revive the Junkies and keep the list infront of everyone's face. Brian's cd for June should be in your mailbox soon . . . any word on when that was mailed out?

Rules of the Disc Junkies

Rule #1: Provide fellow "Junkies" with new music . . . whatever is in your CD player, or getting played on your iPOD. The idea is to introduce, or re-introduce fellow Junkies to bands, songwriters, and silky albums.

Rule #2: Don't be lame. You decided to join the junkies, so do your job to make it worthwhile. This includes blogging your comments and feedback during the month.

Rule#3: CD's are due at the by the 1st day of the assigned month. This Rule goes into effect August 1 of '05. If your CD is late then the blog is open to mad amounts of trash-blogging. CD's must be accompanied by original CD Cover Art. Choose any medium you like, and include the Words "Disc Junkies" on the cover with the volume number.

Rule #4: If you absolutely have too much going on to put together your mix, then it is your responsibility to arrange with the next person in line to take your place. If you exercise this option, you don't get to go next after them, you forfeit your turn and are bumped down to the bottom of the line.

Rule #5: If you fail to carry out rules 3 & 4 and all other members of the club end up without a CD at any time during your month, you are now in some trouble. You are bumped down to the bottom of the line, just like above; however, you will be put on probation.

Rule #6: Probation (pro-bay-shun); def. - member's first name on the blog will be changed to "Probation", denoting that said member will NOT be sent any further Disc Junkie's cd's until he takes the necessary steps to redeem themselves (see rule #7).

Rule #7: Freeing yourself from Disc Junkie probation is a simple process: Step 1: Ship everyone in the club 1 makeup CD mix sometime before your next turn. Once this requirement has been met, regular receipt of the Disc Junkie volumes to your mailbox will resume.

Rule #7: If you fail to carry out rules 3 & 4 a SECOND time, then you've just been erased. You'll be dismissed from the club and every member of your family, past . . . present . . . and future . . . will be black-balled from the Disc Junkies. Lo Siento, compadre.

Rule #8: You must fill out and maintain a blogger profile with a working email.

Rule #9: If you feel like your time has come and you are off to pursue an album career of your own, then you may exit the Junkies once your commitment has been fulfilled. Send out a CD to the club and then submit your resignation so that you can be replaced. And yes, you will be missed.