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Monday, March 16, 2009

Monday, March 02, 2009

DiSalvo Intro Disc

The Allman Brothers. Done Somebody Wrong - Live at the Fillmore East.

When I first heard this album in its entirety I pissed my pants and forgot who I was for twenty minutes. Playing out of their minds.

Drive-by Truckers. 3 Dimes Down - Brighter than Creation's Dark.

I figured I would keep it in Georgia for one more song.

Delta Spirit. Trashcan - Ode to Sunshine.

If anyone wants to start a cover band let me know.

Wilson Pickett. Man and a Half - Hey Jude.

I dare you to find a song with more machismo.

A man, a camel went across the desert and there was no water in sight
Let me tell y'all one thing: the camel died tryin'
But your man and a half is here lovin' you tonight

Why aren't there songs like this anymore?

Spoon. Laffitte Don't Fail Me Now - The Agony of Laffitte.

Seeing the potential to sell records with an up-and-coming indie rock band, Elektra Records, along with A&R man Ron Laffitte, signed Spoon to their first major record deal, which produced their second LP, A Series of Sneaks. Unfortunately, after four months of low sales, Laffitte was fired and Spoon was ultimately dropped from Elektra. Angry with Laffitte (who had promised promotional funding) and the rest of the executives at Elektra, Spoon recorded a vindictively written two-song EP, immortalizing their broken deal. - Wikipedia

Rue Royale. These Long Roads - Rue Royale.

A husband/ wife duo. They will be at the Hideout in Chicago on March 20, if you are in the neighborhood.

Van Morrison. Sweet Thing - Astral Weeks: Live at the Hollywood Bowl.

Late last year Van did a couple shows where he performed the album Astral Weeks start to finish. Epic. He is doing encore performances of the show in New York and London soon. I am crossing my fingers for a Chicago show to be announced.

Dosh. Wolves - Wolves and Wishes.

I saw him do this live a few months ago. For a musician who lives and dies by the loop, it seemed like some bizarre form of torture to have the saxophonist play live, with no loop. I thought he was going to pass out. It was awesome.

Andrew Bird. Not a Robot, but a Ghost - Noble Beast.

A song by Dosh (above) with Bird providing the lyrics.

Electric Light Orchestra. Secret Messages - Secret Messages.

The song is the title track (and opening track) of the 1983 album Secret Messages. The song starts off with strange effects and backmasked voices (saying "welcome to the show") then a burst of morse code spelling out E.L.O. before the song properly kicks in. - Wikipedia

1901. Phoenix - Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix.

The newest song to be released from Phoenix's upcoming album. This thing has been delayed since Summer 2008 and now has a release date of May 2009. So French.