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Friday, March 28, 2008

DJ 51 - Ear Candy

1.) Eddie Vedder – Hard Sun
Very surprised this song was not picked for song of the year…like a Chicago headline after Lollapalooza: VEDDER THAN EVER!!!

2.) Kings of Leon – Black Thumbnail
Ok, you might be able to understand Caleb on the vocals, but the Kings are fucking royalty! They sound so tight and are clearly making an overwhelming campaign for the future kings of rock n’ roll…you’ve heard it here first!!!

3.) Bruce Springsteen – Atlantic City
This version is when he was touring with a 14-piece band in Dublin…his name is THE BOSS…nuff said…

4.) Dave & Tim – Eh Hee
For all of you that don’t like Dave Matthews, please take a listen. You’ll be chanting in no time…it burns deep in your loins.

5.) Harlem Shakes – Old Flames
One of my oldest and dearest friends plays in this up and coming band in NY. This is off their debut EP and they have a new disc coming in fall. Look for them in a 2-page ad in the front of the new Spin Magazine. Everyone is going to love the Harlem Shakes, they just don’t know it yet!!!

6.) Arcade Fire – Keep the Car Running
I took a long departure from this album, have revisited and it’s perfect. I mean that. This song always gets me going…keep the car running. BTW, check out the version with Bruce Springsteen on YouTube…it’s tits!

7.) My Morning Jacket – Gideon
One of my favorite quotes from Jim James (lead singer) when they were making this album was “yeah, we’re taking a lot of drugs and coming up with some really cool shit.” The Jacket fits perfect…try it on!!

8.) Sound Team – Handful of Billions
I was disappointed to hear that this band has since been disbanded. Needless to say, starts off like a soundtrack to an 8-bit Nintendo game and ends strong like bull.

9.) Okkervil River – Unless Its Kicks
I can’t put my finger on why I am infatuated with this song. It builds well, the playing is good, but nothing amazing. They synergize by forming some sort of mesmerizing rock haze and end in a classic jam. Listen…and then re-listen…

10.) Sam Roberts – Taj Mahal
This song is a breath of fresh air. It sucks you in and clears you head. Embrace it, share it, make it your own…it’s yours!!!

11.) Rolling Stones – Loving Cup
I am relearning the piano just to play this song. Give me a little drink from your Loving Cup…just one drink and I fall down drunk!

12.) Beck – Elevator Music
Play that funky music white boy. Beck you never ceasse to amaze me…good form my man…good form!

13.) The Strokes – You Only Live Once
Thank you for resurrecting tight guitar solos Strokes. Catchy, fun, grab a beer, strut your shit, rock out!

14.) Gomez – Ping One Down
That bass line is hotter than a fucking heat wave in Phoenix. Gomez is one of the most eclectic bands from the pasty person capital of the world, the United Kingdom.

15.) Menomena – Muscle’n Flo
This trio makes a lot of noise together and I swear clouds part and sun beats down when the church organ hits the airwaves.

16.) Franz Ferdinand – All My FriendsIt sounds so much like a FF song, they might as well have wrote the damn thing. Thanks LCD