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Tuesday, July 01, 2008

DJ 54

Apologies on waiting to the last day to get it out. Nonetheless, here is the line up for June 08 Disc Junkies:

  1. Phoenix- Twenty One One Zero: I too enjoy the ongoing tradition of starting these discs with a track 1 instrumental, so what better way to kick off volume 54 than with none other then the freshest release from the upcoming Phoenix disc. If the rest of the album follows suite I would not be disappointed.

  1. Foals- Balloon- The debut album, Antidotes, from this most likely hipster British five-some seems pretty promising. Though I think this track is the highlight, there are a few other good tracks in Olympic Airways and Cassius

  1. Frightened Rabbit- Heads Roll off- Saw these guys a few weeks ago with the French Kicks here in Chicago. Not only did they put on a great show, but they stole the spotlight from the Kicks... Hailing from Scotland a lot of people have tried to draw the comparison with Snow Patrol, I disagree, but take a listen for yourself. The lyrics to all of their songs are shamefully uncomfortable, but in some way it works. Other good tracks off the album: Keep Yourself Warm, Good Arms vs. Bad Arms, Backwards Walk

  1. Headlights- Market Girl- Another show I saw recently. Liked the show a lot, but could have been more impressed with the new album they dropped back in end of march. Good song here, not sure what else they have to offer though..,

  1. Jacob Golden- Out Come the Wolves- New Acquisition I picked up a few weeks ago. Enjoyed it, thought I would share harmonies and acoustic guitar featured. Slips into the singer songwriter acoustic whiney category, but I like none the less. Other good tracks: On a Saturday

  1. Wes Montgomery- Impressions- Throwing some Jazz into the mix, I was recently introduced to Mr. Montgomery so my knowledge is limited, but I do know that I am a huge fan of this track and the classic jazz rhythms blended with the piano...

  1. Battles- Tonto- They seem to be storming the festival circuit this summer... They are a bit out there with some ridiculous tech beats and looping. Watched a few live show youtubes and they were delightful. Other great track is ATLAS

  1. Sigur Ros- Gobbledigook- I am fairly confident that we can all recognize the greatness of sigur ros, but nonetheless I threw on a track off the new disc. Its track one off the disc, which really gets the album going. Stays pretty upbeat as far as Sigur Ros goes...

  1. Rogue Wave- Harmonium- Great opening track off of Asleep at Heaven’s Gate. Picked this album up on vinyl a few weeks and it has been catching on in a big way. Other great tracks: Lake Michigan, Chicago x 12

  1. Islands- Creeper- This album dropped back in April or May I believe. Pretty great album band, not a huge fan live. I saw them in Madison, WI and had one of the weirdest experiences in my life. They played in a bowling alley with Parts and Labor and a local band, all of whom underperformed. If you take away the fact that the lead singer sports mime painted face and weird flashing buttons along with the extremely hipster crowd then I may not have felt the same. Regardless, not a must see show, but a must hear album

  1. Cut Copy- Lights and Music- Big track off of the new album in Ghost Colours. I am not usually into the electronic stuff (though it may not show on this disc) but these guys are legit. The new album is making waves and I think the tune is definitely catchy.

  1. Steel Train- Alone on the Sea- Song opens with a U2 reminicent grand entrance and only excels from there. Really like these guys, though I have yet to hear too much out of them. From what I gather they are rather young and currently also tearing up the festivals this summer. They just played Glastonbury in the UK too great critic reviews. They will be at Lolla in August so I will be sure to give an update.

  1. Death Cab for Cutie- Your New Twin Sized Bed- The entire new album is self depricating awkward lyrics that ring a close bell with those of the great Clay Aiken’s “ If I were Invisible”. Regardless of lyrics, really liked the whole album, which is a lot to say because I have never been a huge fan of these guys. Saw them with Rogue Wave in June and they put on a fairly decent show. Worth taking a listen to the new album.

  1. Steel Train- Kill Monsters in the Rain- See Above

  1. Black Kids- I’m Not Gonna Teach Your Boyfriend How to Dance- These guys blew up pretty quickly back in March, but if you have not heard there stuff yet check it out. They too have hopped on the Festival circuit playing Bonaroo, Lolla, and I believe ACL.

  1. Girl Talk- Play Your Part (pt.1)- Laugh if you must, this track is catchy and this dj is definitely gaining steam quickly. This guy basically just mixes everything from Paula Cole to Nirvana and everything in between. Something different if you are into it.

  1. Lateef and Z-Trip- Overlord- I like..sorry

  1. ELO- It’s Over- Not only is this one of the most outstanding bands of all time with some of the greatest youtube videos of all joke....but its a great closer. This band is epic, and I hope we can all grow our appreciation. New Pornographers featured a cover of Don't Bring me Down on the most recent tour, and it was outstanding live.