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Friday, January 27, 2006

If your CD doesn't Work . . . .

. . . . Volume 25 that is . . . .
send me an email and I'll send you a new one. I bought some cheap cd's and I noticed that a few of the discs aren't playing all of the way through. Tell me asap, sorry about that.
At least you have some of Brian's music to keep you busy.



Blogger Caps Man said...

Trotter...How'd you get Jake Plummer to pose for that cover shot?...New you'd become a Broncos fan eventually. Looking forward to some new tunes.

Caps Man

2:18 PM

Blogger Tragically Delicious said...

Hayes- This is the best artowork that I've seen to date! The liner notes and CD recommendations are a nice addition as've definitley set the bar with this one...I'm enjoying Volume 25 as we speak!!!

8:16 AM


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