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Wednesday, December 05, 2007

My Top Picks for '07

Hello fellow DJ Readers (i.e. Hayes). I've been enjoying the daily posts from Mr. Trotter. In fact, the first thing I do every morning is merge onto the Information Superhighway and soak it in while Hayes drops his musical knowledge. I (not being as patient) have crafted a ridiculously long (borderline nerdy----very nerdy) year end list of songs (top 40) and albums (top 10). Check em out and comment if you feel the need:

Top 40 Songs of 2007
1 Apartment Story- The National
2 Willow- Gilbert
3 Wild Mountain Nation- Blitzen Trapper
4 To The Dogs or Whoever- Josh Ritter
5 Antichrist Television Blues- Arcade Fire
6 Safety Bricks- Kevin Drew (Broken Social Scene)
7 The Sun Also Sets- Ryan Adams
8 New Violence- White Williams
9 Sunrise- Ryan Bingham
10 Cyncadian Rhytem- Son Volt
11 Crooked Roof- J. Tillman
12 Ragoo- Kings of Leon
13 General Specific- Band Of Horses
14 Words- Lucinda Williams
15 Our Life Is Not A Movie Or Maybe…- Okkervil River
16 Kanske Ar Jag Kar I Dig- Jens Leckman
17 And Never Look Back- Matthew Ryan
18 Hate It Here- Wilco
19 Heretics- Andrew Bird
20 The Underdog- Spoon
21 Impossible Germany- Wilco
22 Sea Legs- The Shins
23 Hollywood Bass Player- Josh Rouse
24 Frightening Lives- Kevin Drew (Broken Social Scene)
25 Fractured Skies- Parts and Labor
26 Man Overboard- Kristoffer Ragnstam
27 Underwater- Clap Your Hands Say Yeah
28 Going Down- White Williams
29 North American Scum- LCD Soundsystem
30 Real Long Distance Call- Josh Ritter
31 Mistaken For Strangers- The National
32 It's Not True- Williams Fitzsimmons
33 Islands on the Coast-Band of Horses
34 Keep the Car Running- Arcade Fire
35 Nothing Changes Around Here- The Thrills
36 Southside of Heaven- Ryan Bingham
37 Phantom Limb- The Shins
38 Unless it Kicks- Okkervil River
39 You're A Wolf- Sea Wolf
40 Sisters Daughters and Wives- Voxtrot

Top 10 Albums of 2007
1 Spirit If- Kevin Drew
2 The Boxer- The National
3 The Historical Conquests of Josh Ritter- Josh Ritter
4 Easy Tiger- Ryan Adams
5 The Stage Names- Okkervil River
6 Because of the Times- Kings of Leon
7 The Avett Brothers- Emotionalism
8 Band of Horses- Cease To Begin
9 Sky Blue Sky- Wilco
10 I'm Not There Original Motion Picture Sountrack- Various Artists

Honorable Mention

Radiohead- In Rainbows
The Shins- Wincing the Night Away

Mescalito- Ryan Bingham

Neon Bible- Arcade Fire


Blogger Mr. Trotter said...

Jens Lekmen #16?
Willow #2? Tragedy. I've got your new Willow by the way. Shall we say prequel? Can I spell prequel?

Thanks Brian . . . . you're the new Mike Jonze. Just don't have a kid anytime soon.

5:08 PM


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