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Monday, September 24, 2007

Peak Concert Season In Chicago

It's no secret that Chicago attracts most of the touring acts out on the road today. However, they seem to come in very short bursts bookended by months of Creed, Maroon 5, and Silverchair. But, when it's's REALLY good. Here's what I've seen over the last couple weeks and a preview of what's coming up. Try to catch some of these when they make their way to your town.

Wilco at the Jay Pritzker Pavillion: Wilco has been a personal favorite for some time, and I've seen them many times. Still, the show at the JPP was significant because it was the first rock and roll band to play this incredible outdoor venue in the heart of downtown. Jeff Tweedy was in rare form (i.e. he was in a good mood) and the sound was excellent for an outdoor show. They reached back in the archives and dusted off material from A.M. and Being There.

Okkervil River at the Logan Square Auditorium: Okkervil River is an Austin based band that is touring in support of their most recent album 'Stage Names'. Great album, great live band, check them out! I also loved the venue. It is literally an old high school gym that the Empty Bottle started booking shows in. Picture 'Back To The Future II' when Marty McFly is tearing through his version of 'Johnny Be Goode'...classic. Also worth mentioning was the opener Damien Juardo an excellent singer/songwriter from the Pacific NW.
The National at the Vic: See below...they were great!
Iron and Wine at the Metro: After having seen the National the night before this show, I left feeling like I was missing something. Sam Beam (who is the only official member of the band...kind of like how LCD, or Badly Drawn Boy are one person), brought out 5 other long haired hippie types to bang out his usually quite acoustic folk songs. The problem was they they stretched out for way too long and usually leveled off into a trace-like jam with no real sustance. I am glad that I saw the show, but I walked away thinking that I&W is definitely the kind of band that I prefer to listen to on demand in my headphones when the mood strikes me.

Here's what is on tap over the next few weeks:

Josh Ritter at the Park West

Broken Social Scene at The Metro
The Hold Steady at The Metro
Blitzen Trapper at Schubas
That will pretty much do it for me for the rest of the year as far as concerts go. I will try to report back after the second leg of shows.



Blogger Mr. Trotter said...

I'm trying to go see BSS when they come to Denver. Do you know what their 'team' is looking like these days? Still a 10+ piece with Feist?
Really interested in the show and would like to hear your comparison to the Arcade Fire shows.

8:51 AM

Blogger Mr. Trotter said...

Blitzen and The Hold Steady are coming through Denver as well. If you have some very strong recommendations I might give it a shot.

8:53 AM

Blogger zeke said...

I'm pretty sure I'll head to the Blitzen show...

10:50 AM

Blogger Tragically Delicious said...

I would do Hold Steady....but I've never seen BT- although I can say with confidence that the HS puts on an INCREDIBLE show...very high energy...they really blew me away with huge guitar presence and serious rock out tactics...

3:05 PM


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