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Wednesday, September 19, 2007


Some noteable dates (in my book)

thursday Oct. 4 Deerhoof. Experimental beat rock. I love these guys, you probably won't. See photo above.
sunday Oct. 14 Interpol. Enough said. Never seen them live but hear it's a quality show.
saturday Oct. 27 Devotchka. My new favorite band. Little Miss Sunshine soundtrack standouts. Denver band. Very Cool.
It's some Halloween Gala at the Fillmore so it could be a weird night.
monday Nov. 5 The New Pornagraphers.
tuesday Nov. 6 State Radio. See you there Lumpkin.
monday Nov. 12 The Hold Steady. Comes highly recommended from my people in the Windy City.


Blogger zeke said...

I have heard interpol is a great show...

I think I will definitely be at that one.

5:52 PM


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