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Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Arcade Fire/LCD Soundsystem

If you haven't seen the Arcade Fire live, make the effort. They played with 10 (two violins, a french horn and a baritone, and pleasing pile of guitars, drums, and accordians.) The best way to describe it is a "Creative Unified Front." Zero 'solos', everyone is playing with more energy than Anthony Kiedis at an early Chili's show, and I've rarely seen so much instrument trading in a live show. Not so much a show . . . . . just some really talented musicians having a really good time on stage. If you have an appetite for a huge sound then the Arcade Fire ought to leave you full for weeks.

I must admit that LCD Soundsystem was one of the bigger reasons for attending the show . . . and James Murphy delivered. Despite a healthy set of man boobs, that guy is brilliant. Anyone who can take electronic/dance tracks and re-build the sound live gets the thumbs up in my book. Not a huge stage presence (what can you expect from an opener who only gets a portion of the stage to work with) but his vocal range was almost worthy of a Joseph Arthur comparison, and the set arrived at a percussive crescendo that should make Stomp jealous. Murphy can shed some wood when it comes to the drums, and he made some great choices for his live giggers. Two winners and worthy of a full ticket price for either.


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