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Sunday, September 23, 2007

The National

Hope some of the Denver folks made it to this show - it was nothing short of fantastic.

Eric Bachmann must have had an interesting impact on these guys because when the lights went down the soundboard played an old Crooked Fingers song in its entiriety before the band took the stage, and before the encore Matt Berninger dedicated a song to him.

Don't miss them when they swing through your neck of the woods - if you have any interest in their music at all, seeing them live will almost certainly bump them up on your playlist. Probably my favorite concert of the summer.


Blogger Mr. Trotter said...

Sad I missed that one . . . .
Better than Modest Mouse/Band of Horses?
I'll take the nod and look for them next time around.

Who is Eric Bachman by the way?

4:24 PM

Blogger zeke said...

I liked it better than the MM show... maybe just because it was more intimate.

bachmann was on my intro DJ disk twice - he was in Archers of Loaf (never listened to them) and Crooked Fingers (love them) before heading off on his own.

he lives in denver and serves cuban sandwiches from a cart on 17th and broadway when he is not touring. kinda nuts, cause he is so well known in the indie rock scene. i wonder if the sandwiches are any good??

10:48 AM


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