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Friday, May 23, 2008


Howdy Junksters... I present to you Vol. 52:
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Dan Deacon // Pink Batman
I like the tradition of starting these with an instrumental piece. Dan Decon has gotten a lot of press lately because of his innovative, but strange-ass style. Some of his music might drive you mental illness (listen to woody woodpecker) and others are beautifully arranged like this one.

Vampire Weekend // Mansard Roof
If you haven't heard these guys yet you've got your head in the wrong place. A mix between Paul Simon, the Beatles, and even Phish, they are putting together some really beautiful stuff in their own unique way.

Yeasayer // Sunrise
Another new one for me from a couple months ago - some good 80's echos here, but really nice, thick songs. Almost sounds like this could be on an old episode of Miami Vice...

MGMT // Electric Feel
Or was that eel...??

Fleet Foxes // White Winter Hymn
Don't even have their full release out yet - heard this (and hijacked it) on Pitchfork. Really nice.

Caribou // Irene
This whole album is awesome - I had a hard time deciding what to put on the mix.

Grizzly Bear // While you wait for the others
Here is another I hijacked off of Pitchfork - I think this is going to be a great album when it comes out.

Bobby Bare Jr. // Flat Chested Girl From Maynardville
The Chicago folks probably know this guy - comes from a great chi-town record label and he has had a few hits on the local stations (so I'm told). Not sure this was one of them, but its a good 'un.

Vampire Weekend // Cape Cod Kwassa Kwassa

Amadou and Mariam // Coulibaly
I am not one for the "world music" genre, but this African duo puts out some great riffs - even if they feel a little dated it is pretty amazing music. oh, and they're both blind.

Doug Martsch // Impossible
One of my favorite songwriters of all time, the founder of Built to Spill did a great solo effort a few years back.

Gregory Alan Isakov // The Stable Song
This is a local Colorado artist, but not for long. Kind of like Iron and Wine with a country twist, this guy has a great backing band and every song is beautiful. If you live in denver/boulder definitely check him out live. Westwords artist of the year in '07, i think.

Built to Spill // They Got Away
My favorite band of all time - this is their new single. This song starts out a bit rough, but the intro does grow on you, and the rest of the song is great - can't wait to hear the new album.

Ugly Cassanova // Things I don't remember
It amazes me how many Modest Mouse fans have not heard this album (side project).

Black Mountain // Tyrants
Lots of Pink Floyd influence here, these guys have put out a couple great albums - highly recommended.

Yeasayer // Wait for summer
Another yeasayer tune...

Wrigley's // Juicyfruit
Here is an epic one to end the mix... if you are between the ages of 25-40, you'll probably know every lyric to what i consider to be the greatest advertising jingle of all time. hell, its not a jingle, its an anthem - a summer-spirit-evoking masterpiece. This is the rare, unreleased extended version. Let it move you.


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