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Thursday, February 21, 2008

Bon Iver

It means 'Good Winter' in French---it also (in my opinion) means, good album. This guy (Justin Vernon) was playing in a band in Eau Claire, WI and they decided to take the plunge that every local band dreams of, and move to...North Carolina. Shortly after arriving they encountered some creative differences and disbanded. Everyone else in the band formed a new band, leaving Justin Vernon in the dust. He moved home to WI and headed up to the NW corner to his Dad's hunting cabin. While there he passed the days hunting his own food and chopping wood...oh, and recording an insane album. It's called 'For Emma, Forever Ago'---DISCLAIMER: If you're not a fan of the slow acoustic depressing stuff, no need to proceed.


Blogger christopher said...

I think he had mono while he was in WI too. anyways, haha, "Good winter" AND "Good Album", haha, priceless.

4:23 PM


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