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Saturday, January 21, 2006


why does "once around the block" appear on two disks? It came on the november disk (i think) year one, and june this year? is there a conspiracy out there?


Blogger djeddieharris said...

what is once around the block . . . . I'm trying to figure out what tune you're talking about.

Who's the artist?

9:13 AM

Blogger Tragically Delicious said...

I can answer that: I wan't a member last November, and didn't realize that it had already been used. On that note....I duplicated again by mistake...For some reason I didn't recieve the November (this year) disc, so it was re-sent last week. Before I had a chance to give it a thorough listen, I made a substitute December disc (since we had a delinquent Junkie)...and duplicated 'Revolutionary Kind' conspiricy- just an oversight.

12:10 PM

Blogger djeddieharris said...

I don't think it's a crime when you haven't had the chance to listen to all of the back catalogued stuff . . . . . I just think it's funny that you've done it twice.

My album is going to feature a couple of duplicate artists . . . . nearly as unforgiveable.

1:33 PM

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Blogger Tragically Delicious said...

I will never read that guys blog based soley on the fact that he found ours to be "inquisitive"...

8:13 AM


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