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Wednesday, July 20, 2005

My first look at the DJs blog....

Pretty nifty, Trotter. I like it. Just gotta get the rest of the DJs posting to it.

Just finished listening to the latest disc (complements of Chicago Brian Hagen) all the way through. First impression was good. Listens easy and the cover art is catchy. Good stuff...need to give it some more play time before I can really comment though.

Surprised to be catching flack about putting some Tina Turner on my latest disc. How can you go wrong with one of the greatest female voices of all time belting out a searing cry for her man? That song also plays a prominent role in one of the greatest sports movies of all time as well. I bet Neuburger knows the reference. Anyway, that comment is especially painful coming from someone who devoted two tracks of his latest disc to the musical genius of John Denver. A question to da-buffalo....where exactly is the land of hush-a-by anyway?

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