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Friday, July 22, 2005


yo i will switch with you, but i don't think i can do it by august 1st. definitely august 15. hayes is that cool? also i see a few probations that haven't even logged into the site. can we think about switching out for my bro, benjamin. he would love to take a month and has way cooler musical taste than i do. something to ponder....


Blogger djeddieharris said...

august 15 is cool. I think we'll eventually get to the first of the month. I was a little ambitious. As for Benjamin . . . he's first on the list. Langner, Tira, and Pat have until their next turn to reclaim their spots. In the mean time I'll keep you posted as to who is dropping. Jimmy Jackson is putting out a double disc next week, so he's still in the loop according to a phone call last night.

it's written in the book of numbers,


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